Frequently Asked Questions


How do your marketing services work?

We offer reoccurring filming and create one amazing video every week that is used in a weekly video campaign on your social media accounts to increase your business.


Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, we offer a free consultation by phone, video call conference for all clients in the US, or a free in-person meeting for LA, San Diego, Las Vegas and surrounding areas.


Do you work with any type of industry?

Yes, we work with any company such as Restaurants, Real Estate, Plastic Surgeons, Medical Spas, Tech companies, Retail etc.



How do I sign-up for your services?

You can purchase one of plans from the pricing page in our website, you can email us at and we will send you a QuickBooks invoice or you can call us to make other arrangements.


What is the next step after I purchase a subscription plan?

With will schedule a meeting to learn more about your business and marketing needs. From that meeting we will create a storyboard and send it to you by email for your approval and also set up your initial filming session.


Do you have extras or actors that can be used during the filming session?

Yes, you can use one of the members of our filming crew to take part in your filming session. Make sure to mention this prior to filming to make sure they will arrive out of uniform for the filming session. Some of our filming crew is shown in our clients page which showcases some of our past work.


Why do you create a storyboard for the filming session?

Creating a good storyboard for filming is important so that the filming session will be organized and filled with great scenes that will translate into great videos. We know what will show up great of film and from your interview with us will use your input to create will thought out scenes and videos.


How many hours are included in the filming session and how many sessions can you provide?

Each filming session is 2 hours and depending on the pricing plan you choose (please view our pricing page) you will receive more or less reoccurring filming sessions. You can also purchase an additional 2 hours of filming for a small extra fee as indicated in the 2 hr supplementary filming  option.  In this way you can add additional filming at any time and as needed if you need any additional filming.


How many videos do you make?

We create one new video every week for each client on a recurring basis with each of our monthly plans (See pricing page).


How many filming sessions do you recommend for my business?

We like to schedule one filming session at least every 3 months and this is usually enough for most of our clients.


How long does is take to make and post the first video to my social media accounts?

We will post the first video 4 business days after the first filming session.



Do you shoot in 4K or high-definition video?

Yes, we shoot and even edit your videos in 4K at 30fps or HD at 60fps to get the most crisp and clear finished video for your project.


What kind of equipment do you use?

We have very high-quality digital cameras, remote controlled master-slave lighting equipment, pro audio microphones and stabilizers as well as software and MAC computers to create cutting edge results for your videos. We have a detailed equipment list that we can provide you upon request.


Where will you shoot the video?

We can film at your place of business, your client’s homes or certain other areas on a case-by-case basis. Certain places must have prior permission for filming so ask us.



Do you charge additional traveling expenses for filming outside LA or Las Vegas?

No. We cover the traveling charge to film our clients in the continental US when they purchase any of our monthly plans.


Do you add music licenses for the songs you add to my video?

Yes, we add music license and write them in the name of your company so that the videos can legally be used in your web page and social media accounts.


What about graphics and branding?

Yes, we will incorporate your logo to your videos.


How long will the videos be?

We will keep most of the videos just under 1 minute so that they can be used on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. The exception to this would be branded videos we create for your web page and in certain cases we will make a longer versions of certain videos for YouTube.


Do you offer drone videography?

Yes. This is included on all our pricing plans and is highly recommended.


Are there any hidden cost or additional fees I need to pay after signing-up with one of your pricing plans?

No. You will only have to pay for any additional filming in case you use all of the hours of filming that are included in your pricing plan. Please consult our pricing page to view our 2-hour supplementary charge to film an additional 2 hours.


What is included as part of my Social Media Management?

We will post once a week to your social media accounts, spend one hour a day interacting with perspective customers for your target market, upload daily video stories for Instagram, inform you of any prospective work-related messages to your account, eliminate negative or spam related messages.



How many social media accounts are included to manage into my plan subscription?

You can choose for us to manage any 3 social media accounts from the following (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or your LinkedIn business page)


I would like to design or redesign my web page. Is that included in my plan subscription?

Yes, please view our pricing page to see the different amount of hours of web page design or re-design that is included in each of our pricing plans.


How will I track the results of the campaigns you create for my social media accounts?

We track each social media account weekly and we will send a report sheet monthly and also with like to have a marketing meeting every month and go over of the results. We also like to set up periodic meetings to go over our campaigns and discuss your monthly marketing goals.


Is google SEO (search Engine Optimization) included in my plan?

Yes, it is included as part of your web design hours in your pricing plan.


Do you manage my google business account?

Yes, we can manage and also post your videos to your google business account which is included in our monthly plans and is highly recommended.

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