How to use Video Marketing to increase your sales

Join us on SEPTEMBER 15th at 9AM PDT for a complimentary one-hour webinar on How to use Video Marketing to grow your sales. 

We will discuss the specifics of how video marketing can be used to grow your business while including case studies of how video marketing has been successfully used by a few of the companies we are currently promoting with our video marketing services. We will also offer you the chance to ask questions during the webinar so that we can help you to promote your business.

I) Introduction and interview of how video marketing can be used to convey a professional image and explain the benefits of your product or services for today’s short attention spans while showing examples from a few of our clients.

II) Social Media Posts using 40 second videos

a) Social Media Platforms

b) Video Format types (Horizontal vs Vertical and specific ratios)

b) Content: logo, text graphics, video footage, licensed music vs royalty free

e) Posting Tech: hashtags, location specific info, frequency of posts, settings for account so users can share your posts and techniques to use.

f) Paid promotions of posts, posting software, targeting attributes such as demographics, geographical, cost and bid settings and measuring the metrics of your ads

g) Landing Pages and Contact Forms

III) Web Pages with auto playing videos

IV) Email video templates and CRM marketing overview

How to use video marketing to grow your business.
Sep 15, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PDT